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Phentermine (Adipex) Information

Phentermine was used for weight loss long ago. Now it is not popular as the others but still is widely used by large amount of people with overweight.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a white crystalline powder, a derivative of amphetamine, prescription drug. Its main effect is the designing to suppress appetite. Phentermine is included in a list of strong medicines to be controlled.
The medicine reduces the appetite and affects the certain sections of the brain which are responsible for appetite, like amphetamine. It is prescribed to patients with obesity and substitutes the surgery.
The drug is usually used for cure of overweight and obesity quit for long. First researches were conducted in 1968. There were involved 108 women who took drugs for 6 months including the alternation of the one month. Researches had shown the weight loss of 13%.

How Phentermine effects on the organism?

Phentermine works as a main suppresser the appetite. Stimulating the freeing of dopamine and norepinephrine in the some areas of the brain illuminating for the satiety (the hypothalamus) in such a way that the organism begins to consider that it is completely full, even if it is not. This leads to the weight loss.
Phentermine also increases the level of energy consumption by the body and prohibits gastric secretion.
Phentermine ought to be taken 30 minutes before a meal, in the morning and obligatory on an empty stomach. Usually it is prescribed 8 mg three times a day or 15-37,5 milligrams in the morning. Therefore you begin to eat less and respectively get fewer calories.
Although the drug should be sold only by prescription, it can still be ordered from online stores.
Do not use Phentermine more than 2 weeks. It can become addictive and the effect could become less than before.

What are the most often side effects which occur after taking Phentermine?

Most often, there are side effects such as increased nervousness, dry mouth, insomnia, hypertension and constipation, which is associated with a stimulating effect of the Phentermine on the sympathetic nervous system (sympathomimetic activity).
Although the substances with sympathomimetic activity may lead to the high blood pressure and to the heart rate but these effects is not observed while taking phentermine.
Besides, there is some risks of a development of pulmonary hypertension (which can quickly lead to pulmonary edema and the death of the patient), and valvular heart disease with the possible development of heart attack in the future.